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Thread: Photon Differances

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    Photon Differances

    Just a thought, i know when the DSL came out there was upgrade pretty much straight away.

    Is there any differences in the earlier ones and the ones coming now. i know there has been talk on other forums that its hit and miss on the clarity of the screen with some screens having a better image than others but with all the mods that are being done to get them better is there any thing in the pipeline on improvements?

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    Think alot of it is down to different eye's looking thru the units, whats a DSL ?? is it a pulsar unit??

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    Hello, the Photon is a dedicated night vision riflescope and is not a "DSA" Day Scope Adaptor.

    The Photon is available in one configuration in the UK only, which is 5x42 with a laser IR unit. There is an S variant with LED diode but not imported currently.

    Perhaps you refer to the DFA75 which is the front mounted Digital Add On?

    This has been improved and a Mk2 version released which has addressed the issues you refer to.

    Icons in centre of screen, no clarity issues whatsoever, improved mount, and addition of a side accessory rail for Nightmaster etc

    If you have a riflescope with a minimum mag of below 8x then you will have no issue whatsoever.

    8x56 S&B riflescopes are not compatible due to the lens configuration but a variable mag with a low end 3-7 times will work perfectly.

    Thank you


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