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Thread: .308 Factory Rounds

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    .308 Factory Rounds

    Hello Chaps,

    I have recently received my FAC for .308 / Mod - very happy about that. One of the members here is helping me get set up for reloading, but that's obviously going to take some time to achieve and time to learn the proper procedures (I'm working through the books).

    In the meantime I need some reasonably cheap factory rounds. My local shop stocks the following brands (though not necessarily all in .308):

    •Sellier & Bellot

    Assuming I can get .308 ammunition in any of the above makes, can someone point me toward the "budget" ammunition in that list - I need something cheap and cheerful. I've seen the Gecos advertised at my local shop for about £21 per box, but otherwise the price list for ammunition seems to be "secret" there. If any of the above were likely to be a similar price or not much more expensive, that would be good to know - I'd rather not have to go through every brand asking what and how much - it'll piss them off...

    I've thought about using the Geco 170gr SPs but a 150gr SP of some kind would be preferable. If the fired brass has a reputation for being good for reloading, that would also help - I know some makes are better than others, just not which ones.

    Any pointers you can give would be appreciated.


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    It's a pity you can't get your hands on some PPU, that is cheap as chips and can turn out very good indeed in some rifles, so I am told.
    I have used it in .222/.243/.308 and 30-06 in Remington, Steyre, Sako and now I am using it in a Blaser rifle and it has performed very well indeed.
    I have used Sellior and Bellot when abroad and found it to be good too, and reasonably priced so may be reasonably priced over here too so give that a go, if you can't get any PPU, and see what you find.

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    At my local shop approx. prices are:
    PPU £12
    Geko £22
    Sako £28

    Unfortunalely PPU doesn't shoot that well in my Howa.

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    geco were good in the sako 85
    ​or the sako 123grain or the 150's both very good for me if i need factory stuff
    the ppu ? a chap could not close his bolt on them at bisley in a new howa 1500
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    You could try American Eagle ammo by Federal - I think it's their cheaper ammo, got pretty good groups out of my Howa with that.

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    Thanks for the pointers guys. I get the impression PPU is cheap and a bit of a marmite make - either it works great or it fails completely (i.e. can't shut the bolt or other failure). I will try some if I can find some - I know a shop about 20 miles up the road that might have some, so I'll give them a call and ask.

    Otherwise, I know the dealer is very keen on all things Sako, so my guess is he'll stock plenty of that. I could get a couple of boxes of the Gecos (can't hurt to try them out and see if the rifle likes them - effective and clean when I used them before in someone else's gun) and a box or two of the Federal and Sako and see which ones group best.

    So, of the four - PPU, Federal, Sako, Geco - can anyone tell me which of them would be the best brass for reloading? I was thinking about getting some fresh PPU cases anyway, but I don't mind reloading rather than just loading...



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    i don't use ppu but save the sako ,geco as its an rws product, feds i use them as high seat cases as i don't mind dropping them more marmite as you say to me main case's i use are lapua in 308 home loading

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    The cheapest .308 I can get is PMC 180gr PSP (£18], Hornady 150gr BTSP (£20), and S&B SP 180gr at (£23). At present I'm using the Hornady which seems to group okay in my Savage.

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    The cheapest .308 I can get is PMC 180gr PSP (£18]
    Let's hope that PMC have improved their quality control. I would not trust them myself as it was a factory PMC round that damaged my Swedish Mauser. Enough over pressure to expand the primer pocket and blow the prime clean out of the case. The gas pressure snapped the firing pin which on a Mauser is quite substantial in dimensions.

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    I use Prive 168gr HPBT for practice as it has the same POI as my hunting ammunition. I wish it was as cheap as it is in the UK. I started using it 4 years ago and it is fantastically accurate. I use Privi in 222, 6.5x57, 300WM, 9.3x62 and 375 H&H. For some reason my 243 does not like Privi, but for everything else it is fantastic in that it all groups within 3/4 of an inch except the .222 which is an inch and a half. I have my reloading gear set up and just waiting for the bullet puller to arrive as I intend measure the powder and reseat the bullets in 308 to see if I can improve the accuracy. I have 2.5k in my cellar for 308 as my dealer got a great batch in that worked brilliantly for me and a few other guys.

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