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Thread: Stalking experience wanted Nr Cambridge

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    Stalking experience wanted Nr Cambridge

    Similar to other posts here, I would like to gain stalking experience prior to applying for my first FAC. I live in Royston, Hertfordshire.

    I am going to take my DSC Level 1, and keep a photographic journal prior to applying.

    I have a SGC and am BASC insured and am very keen. I have recently attend the stalkers evening in Sandon, which was very worthwhile. I am in my thirties.

    If anyone would be prepared to take me out, I am more than happy to pay my way or supply a good picnic!

    You can email me at info @



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    Replied - thanks for contacting me!

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    A member was kind enough to take me out today to observe, for which I am very grateful. Although nothing was shot, some Fallow were spotted on the boundary.

    I also received a first class demonstration of gutting/gralloching.

    I am very grateful to the member for the experience, as well as the forum for facilitating the introduction.

    Thanks again!


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