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Thread: Black islander boots or Crispi's?

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    Black islander boots or Crispi's?

    Looking at getting a new set of boots and torn between the two mentioned above I like a high boot and my last 4 sets have been Meindle Drovers but they are getting poorer and poorer quality wise.

    ​So any one offer any opinions?

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    That surprises me, personally I have always got on really well with Meindls.
    ​What issues have you had ?

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    Never had any problems with the Meindles, but from all the keepers that are telling me about the black islanders I won't ever be investing in a pair!!!!

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    Had a pair of crispis about a mounth now exceptionally comfortable
    but not been given a good workout yet
    ​regards pete

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    i own both black islander and the crispi boot my verdict on the crispi boots are they exellent being waterproof and comfy in two years use. The only good thing the black islanders have going for them is there comfy there certainly not waterproof i'm on my second pair having the first pair replaced under warrenty

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    i have only had 2 pair of meindl returned in 3 years .due to leakage

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    Love my meindls but have switched to altberg stark extreme similar to black islanders but don't leak !!

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    Do a search on black islander boots on here !
    One to avoid i believe

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    Give the Black Islanders a wide berth, unless you like wet feet!


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    Hanwag trapper, better than meindl in my opinion best boot ive ever had! more people should be wearing them.

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