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Thread: Jack Russels new buddy a Spaniel !

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    Jack Russels new buddy a Spaniel !

    Hi All

    I have always fancied a Spaniel and now my wish has come true . The kids are gone and the wife has agreed
    Tess arrived 6 weeks ago and is terrific . She lives with her buddy a three year old Jack Russel in our kitchen we are trying to get through the house keeping stage. She is going through the night well with very little mishaps . but during the day we are having issues.
    I walk her in the evening after a meal at approx five for about 20mins at present , which I will increase after christmas.
    I am wondering if I should add a walk in the morning after breakfast ? .
    She can do it I have had her in a dog crate while travelling at the weekend and she was fine with runs every 4 hours
    any advice etc...

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    I think for a young dog little and as often as you can manage,preferable trying to
    keep a set routine.

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    I got my ESS with the very best of intentions of training her to be a gundog. I failed to invest the time and effort in her and she is about 1/4 trained but she is a cracking family dog. You don't say how old she is but if a puppy don't walk her for as long as you are doing just yet. Mine is now 4 and is walked for between 1.5 - 2 hrs a day, split into 2 walks approx 10-12 hrs apart.

    She's a nightmare on the lead- constantly pulling as she wants to get off searching. I make the mistake of allowing her an extending lead when she was a pup. It was a big mistake. I can just about get her to heel on the lead by constantly telling her to heel. I stress this is my fault not hers. Off of the lead she is very good, but if she hears a loud bang she's bouncing about like a good 'un looking for a retrieve or to flush.

    I'm getting her covered this weekend if anyone wants a quality KC ESS in the New Year. The cracking Sire I've found brings the breed co-efficient down by 25% from the breed standard. Loads of champions on both sides.
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