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Thread: Top Mark to Police Scotland again...

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    Top Mark to Police Scotland again...

    I must applaud Police Scotland again for such a quick turn around for my variation.Every time i have requsted anything from them, they have always performed well above expectations with excellent help in any queeries and advice.

    I handed my variation in on friday at 3pm and got a quick call on the today (wednesday) saying that is it ready for uplift.
    The variation was for 3 caliber changes (141), a increase of ammunition held, a change of task for the rifles (AOLQ).

    Police Scotland (Pitt Street), Thank you!!!

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    I got the same service , first class very fast and very helpful


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    Same they are great I handed mine in personnelly at 11am on monday to pitt street and at 9:30 am on thursday it came through the post box, really nice staff to deal with at Pitt Street

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    I wish the lot in my area were as quick and prompt.


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    That's good to hear fella. Have variation form filled out and ready to post

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    Same here, 7 days by post for my variation. Nothing but praise for the Pitt St staff.

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    Posted my variation on the Friday to Dumfries department of police scotland. Must have been Monday morning before it was looked at......cert' was delivered on Thursday morning!! Excellent!

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