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Thread: Unique Alpine TPG1 switch barrel in 300 Win Mag

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    Unique Alpine TPG1 switch barrel in 300 Win Mag

    Unique Alpine TPG1 - See link below for review and stock photos.
    S/N AAB0358
    Section 1, bolt action firearm.
    Good condition; slight blemish to paint on cheek piece
    Bought 2012, second hand.
    325 rounds fired during my ownership; believed to have fired circa 500 beforehand.

    Taken from Unique Alpine web site
    Barrel length 25.5" (650 mm); 10" twist rate; 6 lands
    Overall length 48" (1,230 mm)
    Weight 13.67 lbs (6.2 kg)

    5 round magazine capacity; one magazine included.
    Muzzle brake.

    Otherwise, what you see is what you get. E-Mail me for a selection of photos of rifle described below

    The most comfortable rifle I have fired prone.
    An effective muzzle break - gentle to fire for a 300WM
    TPG1 manual: Go to, wait 3 seconds for music to stop, press downloads in the footer and opt for manual in EnglishSee here also for switch barrel options
    Gun review at http://www.gunmart.n...ne_tpg_1_rifle/ where 'stock photos' are available.

    Price:2,950 o.v.n.o.

    Am selling to move up to TPG 3A4 switch barrel, following excellent after sales service of this rifle by manufacturer in Germany.

    Rifle will go to RFD shortly to free up slot on FAC
    Advertised elsewhere

    E & O E
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    Hi Mate
    The Top Link is not working



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    Thanks, Steve. Remedied now I hope

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    Hi Mate
    The Top Link is not working



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    Following a service of stock and trigger components by Riflecraft Ltd.,, the rifle is now back with me and available for immediate delivery to anyone making a sensible offer.

    Update 17Jan14: The web link in the opening post no longer works as the UA web site has been updated but does not yet include a link to the on line manual

    Update 22Jan14. Manual found at
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    PRICE REDUCTION by 300 to 2,650
    Round count in my ownership now 390. God, it hurts to see this rifle go. She is so sweet to shoot.
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    Recent enquiry by an interested party direct to the manufacturer suggested the barrel has a 12" twist rate. I checked the twist rate through four revolutions, using a marked cleaning rod with jag and patch, together with the RFD who holds the rifle, a riflesmith who manufactures top end rifles, We agreed that the barrel twist rate is 10", which is in accordance with the manufacturer's published literature, and not a 12" twist. I hope this helps.

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