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Thread: Red deer subspecies C.e.hispanicus

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    Red deer subspecies C.e.hispanicus

    Hi folks,
    just wondering if anyone has come across the Cervus elaphus hispanicus subspecies of Red deer, which inhabits southern Spain? anyone shot one? or know if they have ever been brought to the UK for a deer farm? or know anything at all about them?
    I understand that the stags have no neck mane and often carry angulatus-type antlers?
    I would be interested to hear from anyone who has any knowledge of this interesting subspecies.

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    We shoot lots of them in Portugal, along the River Tejo on the Spanish border. There's a huge wild population in the hill country and, in Portugal in particular, not a lot of local hunting judging by the lack of demand for the venison.

    You are right that the stags don't develop a mane and body size is somewhere between Scottish hill stags and English forest stags. The Portuguese deer also seem to have a very distinctive antler shape - more angular than UK deer. Antler quality is excellent - we shoot many 20+ point deer, with a couple of gold medal and several silver and bronze medals each year.

    Antler quality in Spain seems to less good in wild deer, probably because there us far more pressure from hunting.


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    The head in the top photo is a terrific beast! I never realised that Portugal was such a great deerstalking venue. Is the river Tejo in the south? and Are the stags stalked the way we do it in the UK or are they usually shot during driven hunts?

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    That head is a gold medal shot in 2010.

    The river Tejo is in the east midlands of Portugal, on the border with Spain. It's quite a mountainous area with great stalking country.

    The deer are predominantly stalked on foot, although shot ranges can be stretchy due to the terrain. Only hinds are culled in driven hunts, along with wild boar.

    If you only want to shoot representative stags in the 10-12 point range, it's no more expensive to hunt in Portugal than Scotland, although the food and wine are a million times better!


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