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Thread: Is shooting PPU cheaper than reloading?

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    Is shooting PPU cheaper than reloading?

    I want 3/4" at 100yds..I am getting it in .308(150g)SP and. 243(100g)SP with PPU,using a Sako 75 and a Sauer 202 respectively...with the price of PPU at £12/£16 for a box of 20 is it cheaper than reloading? What price will PPU be when we all have to go lead free I wonder??

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    Yes and dont know, do you ?

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    Serbia would have to comply with an EU Directive on a lead question! Enjoy it while we can that,s my view

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    If you choose the components carefully, and reuse, or acquire some once used brass, it will be cheaper to reload, although marginal at £12.00 /20, and for the difference, I wouldn't bother, given the time, & effort it takes to reload.

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    I by unprimed Winchester 7x57 or 6.5x55 for about $75/100 here. PPU loaded ammo is just about the same cost. I shoot the PPU for off-hand practice and reload the cases to meet my own performance requirements.~Muir

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    I have used ppu in both .243 and .308. The last boxs I brought I paid £10.50 a box for .243 and £12 a box for .308.
    The seem ok, I haven't tried them in my 75 yet but fingers crossed.
    I did start reloading but I have got the time to homeload and these ppu are cheap.
    Is the lead ban a definitive

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    A lead ban is being fought in the EU by Member State,s hunting organisations .....but the Green lobby want it....FC in the UK are going lead free,I understand,if I was a betting man....?

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    it can be cheaper
    I got mine down to about 45-50p for .270 with a £50 investment in a lee loader and a couple of bits.
    the .222 is cheaper still with a 1/3rd of the powder and works out less than 30p a pop

    the choice of ammo is the best part of reloading and the PPU I tried in .243 and .222 didnt group that well
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    the ppu ammo that i'v found has not been that good try geco at jo's cathill .243 was under a £100 a 100 think the .308 was just over i paid £20 a box in dorset

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