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Thread: Isn't it always the way

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    Isn't it always the way

    Went out last night for a go at charlie, I have some 35g bergers I have developed for my 204 and they have shown fantastic accuracy on the range and I wanted to test them in the field. Set out well before moonrise with all the gear, foxpro, handheld lamp, scope top lamp and all my other mouth calls and gizmos but despite good cloud cover and a nice breeze - nothing, not so much as a glimmer in the distance so gave up and decided not to try again until the moon was down a bit. Tonight I came home late from work grabbed a little led torch and went to take the dog for a walk, 10 yards from my house at the first gate bloody great big pair of eyes. Damn it I thought, he's bound to run off so I carried on with the dogs walk (really short one tonight!) flashed the field again - still there, fed and watered dog and had one more look, still there, right game on. Ran upstairs, find keys, grab gun, fit bolt, load mag and fit lamp on top, out front door and position myself at the side of the gateway, lamp on and..... nothing, sh##t its gone, so I gave a few hand squeaks and bingo 100 yards straight it front of me, stuck the cross-hairs on it but it turned and ran so gave another squeak and it stopped and turned just long enough to get a shot off. I didn't see it drop but I was sure I hit it, walked up to where I saw it last and there it was, big vixen in absolutely fantastic condition really fat and with a beautiful coat, I don't know what they've been feeding on but no wonder their not coming in to the calls. bullet hit centre chest with no exit - perfect.
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    A you say, always the way. I bought a fox pro last year and so far it has accounted for no foxes. I have had more luck using the back of my hand yet people swear by them.
    ​Well done on that.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Nice one, she looks like she's been at your jammy dodgers.

    Mate of mine on here "griffshrek" has been keeping a record of the body weight of the foxes he shoots for a few years. Going by his records it looks like the average weight is increasing.


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