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Thread: Parker Hale 1200 .243 parts

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    Parker Hale 1200 .243 parts

    I am having problems with my parker hale magazine spring, I can not fully load it cause it won't feed properly, so if any one out
    there who can provide the whole plate unit I will be glad to do some trade.

    ​Thank You

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    not exactly sure what you are saying

    do you mean you can't get the last rounds into the magazine because there is too much spring pressure?
    assume this is a superclip version. how many rounds are you getting in?

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    Like Ed said, don't overload it! some mags won't like getting too full, can make the first round 'stick'. I'd try one in chamber and 3 in mag. 'that' should feed fine

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    Norman Clark is the best place for parker hale bits IIRC

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    +1 for Norman Clark.
    They sent me a replacement W spring a few weeks ago. I sent them an email describing what I needed, then a couple days later I received a phone call from Bill (who worked for PH). Fantastic service.

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