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Thread: myHermes Courier Service

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    myHermes Courier Service

    I wanted to send a parcel within the UK which weighed a couple of kgs and was worth 100. Royal Mail would have been 17. Looked into it and found myHermes which cost 7.60, would only have been 5.40 insured up to 50. They will collect from you or you can drop it off at a local collection point, in my case a convenience store a mile away. Good deal I think. Hope it reaches the recipient!

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    Have used them a lot and had no issues so far.

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    Im glad you put this on as i have something i need to send and RM wanted 28 for delivery. I will probably try these people.


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    I use ipostparcels as they seem to be the only ones that will take long items.
    I'll look at myhermes though especially if they can deliver to the highlands etc cheaply
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    I've used myHermes a few times and everything has been spot on so far. I have heard of problems but I should imagine no more than every other courier.

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    Will they take such items as air guns, (non explosive/flamable) reloading components?
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    I just used Parcel Monkey to send something.
    They quoted a few prices, City Link being the best, cost me 18 to send a very large and bulky package, weight was 15kilo
    It arrived at the other end of country 17 hours after collection on tuesday morning, pretty good service I think.
    Parcel Farce wanted nearly 50 for the same package, but a 48 hour service, and could not collect until today.


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    Anything is better than PARCEL FARCE - My Hermes have always been 1st class as far as i'm concerened.

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    I've now all but stopped using Royal Snail following some totally incorrect information from the tub of lard behind the counter of their branch in an Asda store.

    MyHermes seem to be ok so far - about a quid cheaper than Royal Snail 2nd class for packages up to 2kg; but in this case 4.20 gets you a tracking no and they will collect from your door.
    Heavier packages I tend to send by CollectMyParcel or ParcelMonkey - up to 30kg for under 10 in either case - and again, for a tracked collected service.

    I have one of the small Brother QL-550 label printers and MyHermes even modified my user account to allow me to print the labels on the small machine as opposed to their usual A4 size.
    After a few teething problems with the printer settings it is all going very well now...

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    I often use which give you a few different options/couriers and come out much cheaper than Royal Mail

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