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Thread: .308 Sako 85 or Blaser R93?

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    .308 Sako 85 or Blaser R93?

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a .308 and have been recommended both the Sako 85 and the Blaser R93 by experienced stalkers. I'll be using the rifle to shoot red deer on the hill in Scotland and also for some woodland stalking down south. I'd much appreciate any comparative feedback on these rifles - or indeed other .308 preferences.

    Thanks alot, Nev

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    Personally i'd go for the Blaser,i'd rather have a 2nd hand 75 than an 85,JMHO.

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    The Sako 85 and the Blaser R93 are very different rifles, its a bit like saying which are best, oranges or apples? Personally, I would go for the Sako but i'm a bit biased as I have a cupboard full of Sako's already!. As Neil said, don't discount a 75 either new (if you can find one) or secondhand. One good thing is that you are in the right ball park with regards to quality. JC

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    Did anyone notice the new ad's for the Sako 85 on the back of last week's Shooting Times?

    They seem to have changed the stock to a much more traditional Sako stock design - very like the AII or 75. If this change has been implemented, it is only to the good. I really did not like the new stocks.

    To answer the question, they are two very different rifles in style, one very traditional, the other, probably the most radical change in sporting rifle design in 100 years. Both are excellent. Pick the one you like.

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    Ok lads just lifted this of the Sako website, this is the promotional photo for the standard Sako 85 Hunter, this is what a Sako should look like:

    I am glad someone there saw sense.

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    I'm with you, CD! That's a rifle! I am so tired of ergomomic, plastic stocks packed with bead blasted steel parts that are what new shooters refer to as a hunting rifle. I also gove two thumbs up to the iron sights. Where I hunt, optics can get wercked miles from any semblance of civilization. Iron sights can save a hunt.~Muir

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    I will have to eat my words now,much better looking,wonder how long it will take for them to replace its 'orrible predessor over here.

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    go Blaser - just dont get one from america

    the southern englend branch of the R93 fan club, incidently picking up another stock and bolt tomorrow

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    I would also recommend Sauer,perhaps falls somewhere between the two youv'e mentioned,at the end of the day try some out if you can and go with what feels right for you,they're all do the job fine.
    ATB Neil

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