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Thread: harris hawks

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    harris hawks

    AY up lads and lasses,just wondering if any of you lot fly a hh or similar, picked my 2 year old female up last weekend an i have to say shes a cracker, not had a bird for a few years but i realy missed it,just have to take horse riding up again now and il be flying from horseback lol so let me know how many people here got a bird CHEERS HORNET.

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    We keep a Barn Owl, not for flying to hunt though they can be used in this way, she's just a rescued imprint, but such a character.

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    Hi Hornet
    I have had birds of prey for 23 years, I have Peregrine falcons, Goshawks and Gyr/Peregrines, I hunt with a female Goshawk and she is flying at 2lb 14 oz. she is parent reared so is a good size bird. I also breed the birds i keep and have bred birds for years and hatch a lot out for other friends.
    If you want I can post Pictures on here but dont want to offend anyone.
    All the best

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    Personally I'd love to see them.

    I was lucky enough to attend one of the 'give it a go' falconry days at the Hawk Conservancy Trust near Andover and I have to say that it was brilliant - so much so that we subsequently booked for a day hunting Harris Hawks near Auchterarder on our next trip up North.

    Out of interest, why would you think that anyone would be offended??


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    Paul i'd love to see them also,i had a common buzzard and a little owl years ago and i'd love to get a harris or a goshawk one of these days.
    ATB Neil

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    Hi Paul,

    Been a supporter of Harris Hawks for over 25 years and had at least one during that time. Currently flying a large male( flys at 1lb 14oz but has caught rabbits an ounce higher). He was bought for my son but alas be has now moved on to women and booze!! Sadly I lost my American imported female a few months ago, she had a heart attack. She was in her twentys and I had her from 12 weks old, a great bird. I am sure you will have a great time with your new bird and I wish you well.

    Kind regards

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    Hi I will post some pictures on here of some of the birds i have and the goshawk on some of her kills, I have a friend that flys his Goshawk with a lamp at hares, I have taken lot of peolpe out to see them hunting.
    If anyone is interested look at the web site british falconers club. you will see some good pictures on there.

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    harris hawks

    GREAT to hear some falconers are on here, one thing DTD why would you think anyone would be offended????? but ye love to see some pics mate cheers HORNET

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    Im a member of the International Falconry Forum..

    Were having a meet up shortly for those living in Dorset/Wilts and Somerset..

    I dont have the time to dedicate to my own bird at the mo but am out with my mate and his spar..

    Amazing to watch


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    Apparently they should be called Harris's hawks.

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