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Thread: Using moderators of larger size than rifle calibre

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    Using moderators of larger size than rifle calibre

    Clearly so long as the thread is compatible, can a .243 moderator be used on a .223 and if so, what are the drawbacks? I assume the hole larger than the round needs would just let out more gas and cause a bigger bang, than a moderator the correct size for the calibre? The reason for the question; I'm considering using my .223 slot and would rather save 300 on another moderator, if it is feasible to use my .243 moderator. Thanks in advance for any advice/guidance.


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    I have been told that to achieve the best performance regarding reduction in sound, the smaller the holes in the baffles are in the moderator relative to bullet diameter the better. So, a 30cal mod on a centrefire .22 in theory won't perform as well as a moderator specifically constructed for that calibre. Would we be able to determine the difference with our ear? I'm not sure.....

    I certainly don't think there would be much of a noticeable difference if anything between say a 7-08 rifle using a specific 7mm moderator and then sticking the same model of moderator on but in 30cal format....

    No scientific evidence to back this up, just what a couple of rifle builder/gunsmiths have told me.

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    I use the same mod on .17, .222 and .243
    its a 6.5mm bore
    very quiet on the .243 in comparison to other .243's with non specific calibre bores

    the sound reduction is noticeable with closer bore to bullet tolerance but not worth me having 5 mods!

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    Use a 30cal on a .243 and its fine. Works well.

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    I use the same t8 on my3006 and 243 I just change the bush and I find they work well

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    The 223 I have just purchased has been fitted with an ASE UTRA SL5 mod for .25 caliber, which according to the ASE suitability chart is "reasonable to use", but not "recommended", as they do a specific .223 model. Without the proper decibel monitoring equipment, it may be that it is difficult to tell the difference.
    However, it may be that I have a .25 ASE UTRA SL5 up for sale or swap soon, as I wanted this rifle to be as discreet as possible. Would have kept it for the .243 , but different threads.

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    As has been said sir

    your correct, for the best performance of a moderator is to have it as close to the bullet dia as possible, but the fact that you don't have a db meter in your head then its going to make little or no difference to you,

    a few years back i did a write up on a few mods for a magazine and i had a few very good moderators and the equipment to test them with results that were correct and not an estimate, and found them to be relatively close to the manufacturer's reading, but don't forget if they don't state the obvious then they could be had up in court if something went wrong, so their reading information and recommendations are a legal requirement enforced on them by law.

    i have used in the years gon past a 308 t8 on a 223/243 and a 308, i can still here ok. ...................whats that............... 10 to 4 mate,

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    Use my 243 mod on my 223 works fine.

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    Brilliant, thanks everso much gents, just got to make sure the threads match then

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    I use a ASE Utra S5 on a Tikka .223 and CZ550 .243 via 1/2" UNF thread. Never measured sound reduction. However, very greatly reduced sound and great piece of kit, especially considering the cost of one mod as opposed to two.

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