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Thread: the warrener dvds

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    the warrener dvds

    i was thinking about buying one of his new dvds, are they any good? they seem expensive enough though dont they.....

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    Yes they are brill. I have the "out foxing" video. Pat Carey is the mutts.

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    cheers poodle,

    anyone have any second hand warrener dvds for sale? even a copy?

    i just cant justify paying over 30euro for a dvd......

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    Tiny, you would not be asking us law abiding citizens to break the copyright laws would you?

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    ha ha why no.... although i might be tempted to buy a copy off somone should i be offered!

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    cheers! anyone else have any they wanna sell me?

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    The majority of the Warrener dvds are excellent, especially the earlier ones. He really does know what he is doing as far as calling them into range for the shotty or rifle.

    I quite liked his deer dvd, they seem to have some nice reds in that part of the world!

    Some of the dog work in his other dvds isn't brilliant, but each to their own I guess.

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