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Thread: Field dressing a whitetail

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    Field dressing a whitetail

    Just watched this one on Youtube. Interesting idea with the bonesaw, I thought. Not so sure about a couple of other things though.....

    Any comments from the more experienced members?

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    yes thats all there is to it really, in simplistic form,
    there are better vids about, watch a few.
    you can learn to clean the pelvis without splitting it

    but recommend

    1 only split the entire body if you are not going to drag it anywhere.

    2 expose, free ,and tie the oesophagus to avoid regurgitated contents
    ​spilling out

    3 drain the blood out first, the neck end
    you probably wont have 2 gallons of water in your roe sack

    5 dont wash your hands inside the carcase... wear gloves

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    There are indeed better videos out there. This one is excellent:

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    for me personally the key word is "field"

    Only cut the smallest holes possible
    Don't cut the sternum or pelvis

    whether you are a card carrying best practice believer and have your marigolds in your pocket or not
    the most contamination is through the wound and incision

    I would say washing your hands into the chest is probably not the best idea either....

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