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Thread: Passed my DSC1 this afternoon

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    Passed my DSC1 this afternoon

    I've just finished my DSC1 course this afternoon and got through the exam with (i think) just one error.

    A big thanks to the guys at Greenlee who made it a stress free process and put us all at ease as we went through the shooting and safety assessments.

    Now I just need to wait for confirmation to come through so that I can get level 2 underway! I may be calling on a couple of people to witness stalks in the near future once I've got a few practice ones in the bag!


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    well done m8 8)

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    Congratulations Gez chuffed for you mate. Onwards and upwards for Level 2



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    Gez, Nice one matey, that`s something else in the bag.


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    well done gez,hope to see you again one day mate.

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    Well done Gez. Don't forget that evidence gained up to three years prior to registering is valid for you DSC2 Portfolio so there is no need to rush into it. AW's should have blank copies of the ICR's. If I were you I would get one or two witnessed stalks in, either as training or for later inclusion in the portfolio, before registering. You would be supprised how many people register as soon as they get their DSC1 then find themselves running out of time towards the end of the three year period. (By the way, this is simply meant as advice from a fellow stalker not the start of the next chapter in the 'We hate DMQ' debate!) Best wishes, JC

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    Well done Gez - you'll be looking forward to getting the pristine cream leather interior of that Merc' all nice and bloody now. Give me a shout if you fancy some stalking down this way (if you can afford it after getting that beast of a Sika stag mounted )?

    All the best,


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    Hi Gez

    Well done mate..

    I really enjoyed doing my level 1 and thought it was a great course..

    Hopefully catch up soon fella..



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