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Thread: Crap butler creek scope covers

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    Crap butler creek scope covers

    Hi lads after snapping I don't know how many of these bloody thing I decided to make one that would work without snapping. I used a small tie wrap and glued it to the original cover it's worked flawlessly now for three months so here's a few

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    A very usefull tip as the hinge does seem to be the week spot on most flip up scope covers!

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    Had a fair share break too ! Thanks forn the tip.

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    Gave up on buying butler creek months ago just a total waste of money,
    ​do not know what went wrong they used to be good.

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    great tip thanks

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    Any others on the market that use a different design that's more robust?

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    I have 3 rifle/scope, .22, .22/250&.243, all are fitted with BC covers, all are over 10 years old, all get regular use and all have been faultless. I guess the newer ones are not as well made? The one on my. 243 became detached once as i took the rifle from the slip and dropped into the lane where I had parked my truck, i noticed it was missing as i chambered a round, when i got into the wood, i found it when i returned later that evening after the stalk, it had been run over, but was still intact, i soaked it in boiling water for a few mins, reshaped and refitted it, still on the s&b to this day, all be with black insulating tape to ensure this doesn't happen again.

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    Yet another Butler Creek cover snapped off.
    The damn things aren't fit for the purpose.

    Come on Accucover...get into the market, your design is far better than Butlers.

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    I must have done in over 100 on breaking flip up caps so put on a neoprene 'sock' cover (15 from Jack Pyke) with a couple of cable ties either side of the turrets. It is unbreakable and totally silent unlike the flip ups. I copied a friend who uses them in Norway.
    3 days in rain and fog last week on the hill/hinds proved it works so far!
    No good if you 'dial in' of course.

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    For the same reasons as above I ended up getting Swarovski flip up's and have never looked back, quite expensive but quality always is. Around 65 but if you shop around you may get them cheaper.

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