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Thread: leupold vx3 and mk4

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    leupold vx3 and mk4

    Apart from the mk4 has m1 turrets what is the difference between them please if anybody knows.atb swaro

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    well they do an E, an L and an MT/R range in Mark 4

    number of options available in Mk4 that are not available in mk3
    FFP vs SFP reticules,
    some choice of reticules,
    ​Target turrets as you point out (although Stoney creek do turrets they require the coin slot of the Mk1 and Mk2, the Mark 3 has knurled knobs instead)

    other than that am not sure it is just marketing!

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    mark 4 has better glass stronger bodey thicker on the inside better springs and better turets i had the 10x40 m1mark 4 you could hammer nails in with it got a mk3 with varmint ret to replace the mk4 sold the mk3 within 3days was nothing like the mk4 then purchased a sightrons3 would now never purchase a leupold scope

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    I have a mk4 6.5-20x50, I think its a great scope, optical quality is exceptional, it matches my els in low light na problem, ive even thought leupy had the edge, wasnt sure if vx3 were the same bar m1 turrets, ive looked through all the top end scopes at bisley and I would say mk4 is as good as any of them.

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    Looking through a scope in good light is not an ideal way to compare them. Although it must be said that peoples eyes do vary and some optics seem to suit some better than others.

    It's in poor light that scopes are best compared.

    I don't know if Leupold corrected this but at one time their magnification claims were quite a way out as shown in their old catalogues. A claimed 4x was actually about 3.5x this has to be bourne in mind when comparing scopes IMHO.

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    This was low light comparison, was 1st time out with my 308 range rifle across the fields,I did get a buck with it too with 165gr nos bal tip, did think maybe something wrong with my els but they had been back as something had come loose inside, would 110 percent have another mk4, mk4 wws on a higher magnification aswell

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