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Thread: Man cave clear out

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    Man cave clear out

    2 King keg beer kegs each with air cylinders.....30 collect only
    2 metal detectors 1 basic model the other all singing and dancing
    the basic one just takes a 9v battery the Garrett has two battery takes 6 c type batteries the other is a rechangable unit with charger.
    15 the basic
    50 the dogs bits one......SOLD
    1 rotalight. Suction pad to attach to vehicle with battery clips and a remote control for up/down/rotate. Red filter one side and multiple led the other
    20 (not very powerful but good for 'ranbits' with the .22 and the led is a good 'work' light)SOLD
    Copper pans and ladel, bought these many moons ago but havent used them. As in picture below....30....SOLD
    Scarrifier, and leaf sucker upper blower thingamebob 40. Scarifier works on electrickery the blower/sucker upper is 2 stroke (has a built in macerator and comes with the collection bag)

    I think thats it for now and I'll post some pics later. All but the rotalight will need collecting or meet up within 25miles of sunny Southport.

    I'll give it a week on here then its bay oclock

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    Attachment 33989Attachment 33990
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    Pm sent re 50 detector!


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    pics added.
    dogs bits metal detector sold locally
    Below is a link to my website.
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    Pm sent re the copper pans ! I'll take them with hands open and a smile lmk re payment details please.

    Cheers, Olaf

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    Can I have price for the Rotalight posted to North Lincolnshire please - if Ok I'll def have it

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    The light would be 9 to post as would be the pans.
    Below is a link to my website.
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    Sorry that makes it a bit too expensive for a project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    pics added.
    dogs bits metal detector sold locally
    Even with my new toy (works iPad) I'm too slow


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    How much is postage on the cheap detector? Would do for finding lost mole traps

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