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Thread: German or Hungarian / Austrian or American ?

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    German or Hungarian / Austrian or American ?


    You often see a scope like the Schmidt & Bender advertised as a German or Hungarian model - Is there a genuine or real difference in actual quality ?

    Similarly some Kahles models as assembled in USA using the same components as those produced in Austria......Is the quality the same ??

    Just wondered....

    Cheers + ATVB


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    I can't tell the difference between the 2 S+B
    I have a hungarian and a freind has a german.

    I think labour rates are cheaper in hungary


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    I have 2 schmidt 8x56 scopes, 1 german, 1 hungarian and i really cant tell the difference between them. There identical in looks and performance and the only other thing is the word german or hungarian.
    243 varmint is correct in saying labour is cheaper in hungary

    Thats not a bad thing tho because they also have hotter looking Girls than the germans do so quality definately comes out of hungary nowdays

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