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Thread: .22-250 ammo

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    .22-250 ammo

    I have for sale the following .22-250 factory ammo for sale that is now surplus to requirements now I no longer have a .22-250! this needs to be face to face sale and the buyer must have the correct info to purchase on their ticket..

    106 x Norma 50grn V-max
    16 x Sako 50grn soft nose (game heads)
    5 x Federal 50grn soft nose
    5 x Federal 50grn hollow points

    140 thanks bullet

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    Whereabouts in the Midlands are you please - big area!
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    A quick btt before I trade them in at the gun shop!


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    A bit further up near the north east and I would have taken them but as always all the bargins are too far away
    best of luck with ye sale
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