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    Just joined

    Evening all my name is Craig, 41 from Barnsley s.yorks
    i came across this site whilst looking to purchase a new .17hmr for myself.
    i am mainly into vermin control rabbits foxes pigeons,
    I have never been deer stalking but have always fancied a stalk even though I have never been that interested into going as far as getting the calibres required or dsc1 etc.
    i have been brought up with a shooting background,
    I currently have around 4k acres with a open ticket where my quarry is mostly foxes, rabbits, corvids,
    I also have a sgc where I enjoy wild fowling but most of all pigeon control.
    i will no doubt will be a frequent visitor to this site now I have found it ...
    well thank you all for your time in viewing this,
    ​atb Craig....

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    hello and welcome

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    Welcome to SD mate lots of good advice and people on here bazil

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    welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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