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    ziess scope

    I have been looking at a Zeiss 8 x 56T scope in an on line store, what are members opinions of this scope for general shooting with my Parker Hale 243.


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    I find it a nice scope, Pretty good up to last light. If you ask the serial number Zeiss can give you the age. Mines is old but still clear as they come and I was surprised when he said 1993. Fitted to my .243Bought off flea bay at a fraction of the new price. Very good mid price range scope.
    PS. Adjuster was missing phoned ziess new one free of charge next day delivery.

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    Very good low level light scope and built to take big calibre rounds, as previously stated check it out with zeiss, all the German manufactures are very good and should offer help.

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    jimbo123p your photograph has confused me.
    I have a very similar set up to the one shown in the picture but I think of mine as a .22 CZ with a Nikko Stirling Platinum 4-12 x40 on top. I hope you haven't been trying to squeeze .243 rounds into it!!!!
    (Yes I have noticed that yours is a 50mm objective)

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    I got my Zeiss off Ebay in US as a display item for a song, it's a Conquest model assembled there very clear excellent peice of kit.
    Ask Stone he knows a good Zeiss dealer who does great deals.

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    OOps wrong rifle,
    Try this one

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