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Thread: S/H Taurus Judge .410 Shot pistol - single shot

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    S/H Taurus Judge .410 Shot pistol - single shot

    Taurus Judge, single shot .410 pistol 21/2" chamber. Stainless steel. Comes with crimson trace laser grip and leather holster, and original packaging. Note the dot on the laser is a lot smaller and brighter but the camera couldn't pick it up. The laser is activated by squeezing the grip.

    Restricted to single shot to comply with the current Home Office and ACPO opinion on this pistol. Can be used for "shooting vermin in and around buildings" or "humane dispatch".


    Any questions by PM please.

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    Don't suppose you'd px for a 308 Rifle or a 38 special pistol?

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    hello there is this just chambered for 410 or is it dual chambered for 45 long colt as well please

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    Bunnydoom, thanks for the offer but i am after cash.

    Chris, the chamber is cut to the same specs as the US version, however this pistol has been proofed for the.410 and is being sold as such.


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    I have received a few questions on this pistol so I will provide some answers:

    All the Taurus Judges were seized by Police or had to be returned to Section 5 dealers in 2010, this one was seized by Sussex Police. The seizure was based upon home office opinion that the Judge was not a section 5(1)aba fire arm but section 5(1)ad. This has been disputed by the Sportsman's Association and others but as of yet the Home Office are refusing to discuss the case further.
    The definition of a revolver gun is a firearm with a series of chambers that revolve on firing and this is the point that the Home office are refusing to discuss. As this gun has only one chamber now, it's no longer has a series of chambers and has therefore returned to section 5(1)aba, therefore it has been released by the Police.
    In order to purchase such a firearm you need a firearms licence condition for a .410 pistol for the purpose of "shooting vermin in and around buildings" or for the humane dispatch of animals.
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