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Thread: BRNO Fox Model 2 .222

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    BRNO Fox Model 2 .222

    Not sure if I am doing the right thing or not but am testing the water with this
    considering getting a .204 or .20Tac/Prac as a replacement for my .222

    BRNO Fox Model 2 (the one with the enclosed and stronger action)
    Mini Mauser action
    Modified and smoothed butterknife bolt handle
    Barrel cut 2.5" abd original foresight threaded as a thread/muzzle protector
    Recently reblued
    Stock refinished and fitted with thicker butt pad to increase LOP by 7/8"
    5 round Mag, smoothed lips and edges
    Double set trigger, stripped and polished, adjustable by screw between triggers)
    Currently wearing a 7x50 Nikko Stirling Gold Crown (Remove 40 from price if not required)
    (mod and bipod not included in sale!)

    This rifle has has a full component strip and rebuild refurb including new crown/threading, full hot caustic bluing, wood strip and oil finish:

    Price: 350 with scope
    310 without scope

    Can deliver within Fife/Stirling/Edinburgh/Central Belt/Borders or down to Newcastle on occasion
    will ship RFD to RFD at buyers cost

    Load development done for:
    50gr VMax
    52gr Amax
    60gr Hornady Soft Points/Partitions (lovely roe round)

    Shoots 1/2" when I take my time!
    has accounted for many foxes and roe and is a joy to shoot.

    Bad points:
    safety is a bit stiff to push on, comes off smoothly without a click though
    barrel has some pitting, always has done since i got it, clearly makes no difference to accuracy, the above group are recent and I shot a similar group a few days ago to test zero.
    Bolt is not the smoothest but that's a mini mauser action for you.
    cycles and feeds just fine

    compared to the BRNO fox's out there for sale this is in much better condition, cheaper and a proven shooter, (test firing welcome)

    Perfect donor for a rebarrel in something exotic

    best be quick before I change my mind!
    ​am beginning to regret even thinking about it!
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    Oh no, not the .222 !!!
    You and I appear to be the only stalkers UK wide who believe the 222 is a cracking
    roe caliber... Which of course it is!!!

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    D'oh! But for the faff and cost of exporting!

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    oh aye cadex myself an my four mates all have 222. 3 annies 1rws an a fox an they are are a great gun for the roe i will never sell mine . had it since 1981 .....
    a big +1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadex View Post
    Oh no, not the .222 !!!
    You and I appear to be the only stalkers UK wide who believe the 222 is a cracking
    roe caliber... Which of course it is!!!
    i own a .222 browning xbolt . i use for roe and foxing .i myself cant see by this calibre for taking roe or foxes at 100/140 yards easy .. but alot of people see the need too use 243 or 308 . 222 does the perfect job !! J2R

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    222 one of the magic cartridges!!!!


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    set that .222 lee 'precision' loader aside for me Ed ;-)

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    Ed - you will only regret it. 204 etc are great for foxes, but not Roe legal. Those Brno Foxes are much better built than much modern stuff and you will spend big monies on something that won't really make much difference in the field.

    at the very least use it as a donor for your 204 etc.

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