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Thread: Hi from Wales

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    Hi from Wales

    Hello everybody my name is Chris I live in Glamorgan South Wales (yes a wolly back) my interest lies in Field Target shooting and Stalking I have been doing this in the first week of December for the last ten years in and around the Inverness area and have probably shot well in excess of 150 deer, I also go on days ( when I can get them ) any where around 100 miles of my home,and always on the look out for last minute days, because I work silly shifts I have a lot of free time to concentrate more on the stalkig side now. I have been reading this site with interest for a while now and decide to join up,and get involved. My current toys are
    Sako 75 in 243, Ruger 10/22 semi auto, Gorosable S/S 12 Bore,
    Air Arms EV2 and my pride and joy is a Ripley (in red) A.K.A. The redripper.

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    fellow country man at last i'm just starting out fac in post and i've joined a syndicate up in scotland, hopefully deer by next x mas.

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    Croeso hefyd,

    Welcome to the site Landy. I'm based up in Mid-Wales just on the Shropshire border.

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    welcome landy nice to see some more welsh lads on the site i'am down west mate.


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    Hello Landy, does your screen name mean you have the same affliction as me? (Terminal Landroveritis!)

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    No sorry finnbear270 i do not drive a Landy it's just my surname is Land
    hence Landy (amongst others)

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    Croeso Landy!

    Do you ever get down to Severnside Range? Great bunch of chaps.

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