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Thread: The snip.

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    The snip.

    My sixteen month old CBR Bruin is a bit of a lad and is trying his dad on for dominance which usually ends in tears... his. Was thinking of getting his swingers done and was wondering if it will calm him down and how much it will set me back. I would do it myself but im afraid of the risk to my fingers from the edge of the bricks?

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    haha use a couple of cinder blocks . you kin git yer fingers inside them ...good luck

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    Had a lab done a few years ago-massive mistake for 3 reasons, 1 it didn't calm him down and we still had dominance issues,2 for some reason it made him sexually attractive to male dogs and 3 he turned out to be the best deer dog I have ever owned and a pup from him would have been nice.

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    All my dogs have been snipped but my GP and lurcher still scrapped. My GWP is all talk and no trousers although I suspect that is his nature rather than the result of being castrated. Seem to remember the cost being around 100 ??

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    100 is very cheap. Usually calms them down, but there is a means of chemical castration you can try to see if it will work in your dog.

    Section 161 of the Highways Act 1980 (England & Wales) makes it an offence to discharge a firearm within 50 ft of the centre of a highway with vehicular rights without lawful authority or excuse, if as a result a user of the highway is injured, interrupted or endangered.

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    Think you might be confusing "snip" with "chop".

    Mine stopped me breeding, but in no way did it reduce my anger at my bank manager.
    "Nonsense! They couldn't hit an elephant at this dista.....................".

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    had my jack done to calm him down , it did not work for him , he is still a nutter

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    Ha Ha.... I won't bother then. Bruin is going for Crufts 2014 so he needs his meatballs or so he tells me!

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    Just to clarify, when you get your dog done do they remove em or snip them? Going to get my dog done. Not bothered about behaviour I just don't want him to breed!!

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    They remove 'em. Apparently they can replace them with fake ones made of I don't know what but gives the impression that the dog is intact.

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