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Thread: Mitsubishi delica

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    Mitsubishi delica

    Anyone have any experience with this van, needed for general carrying tools and parts around for work, but also for taking down the odd rough track when out stalking shooting etc..

    How good is it off road/ on road etc etc..

    Many thanks

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    I looked at one once as an off-road camper van type stalking vehicle. I ticked a lot of boxes, but all the reviews class the 2.8 engine as very thirsty! There are probably cheaper vans that you could fit some knobbly tyres to, even 4x4 ones which would probably be cheaper.

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    Yes, I did hear that the engine was very thirsty!!
    Although, it wont be doing too many miles, just local really.... Toyota Hiace is another option

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    The engines will happily run on a mix of diesel and veg oil if running costs are the main issue. Not sure of insurance costs for them either, but Aviva insure my Hilux Surf cheap enough.

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    I had one for about 4 years. There is nothing quite like them. They have the old style shogun chassis so as long as you have some weight over the back wheels they are pretty capable off road. Depending on the seating arrangement you get you can lay the two rows of rear seats into a single width or double width bed (although it is not completely flat), single width leaves room for carcass tray and dog bed etc. Very comfortable to drive. As others have said they are quite thirsty and I found they need some maintaining so you need to either be hands on or know a mechanic. They have a cult following with an online forum so you can solve a lot of problems by getting on there. They are a bit of a hobby in themselves but I wanted to be out shooting and spending my money on that so I got rid of mine. Mine was running between 17 and 22 mpg. Some managed 30.

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    Never owned one, but they are mechanically a Pajero/shogun which I have, mechanically reliable enough, and capable off road, not very economic fuel wise, 30 mpg is possible but don't expect more than the mid twenty's.

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    thanks for the info, sounds like a genuine option then!

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    I have had 5 Hi-Aces. They would get stuck on a wet stamp !! Not to be used on wet grass never mind a rough muddy track.
    They do about 30 mpg.
    A chap I know has the Delica and he loves it. He is a hedge layer so it go's in some sticky areas

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    watched a tiger program in russia once and the rangers had these. nwo some of the parts they went to in Siberia are anything to go by then that says it all to me

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