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Thread: Interesting programme tonight???

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    Interesting programme tonight???

    This programme might be interesting tonight. 9.50 BBC2
    It`s about people who live on roadkill, badgers, cats etc.

    This guy was interviewed on Chris evans`s drivetime show a week or two back.

    He lives in the Devon area around Bodmin on the A30 and that`s where he scrapes his stuff up from .

    It`ll be worth a look.


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    I saw the trailer for that, I think I shall give it a go. Wonder if he marinades the Badger.


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    Even if he does JAYB I still wouldn`t fancy it.

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    hhmmmm yummy!!

    the thought of a nice slice of manky flea bitten badger is making me starving - think i'll go home and see what culinary delights the Mrs has scraped up for me!!

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    cheers wadashot
    i knew there was something i was going video on tv tonite , now i remember
    thanks stone

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    No probs stone,

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    Hi Guys, I think this chap has done some programmes before I watched a programme about eating roadkill some months back, and part of it was filmed in Kent.

    They guy cycled around and picked up road kill Squirrel, Pheasant and a Brock. They did not cook the Brock because of TB, and it looked as though it had been there a good 24 hours, hmmmm lovelly fly eggs.

    Think I will stick to the fresh stuff myself, straight out of the wood, into the chiller, and 7 days later on my plate or in the freezer.

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    Do you think that those who eat these fly blown carcases and don't seem to get any type of food poisoning are brain damaged instead

    Not for me, but I will be interested to watch the show.


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    dead stuff

    a couple of years ago i got called to an rta as a deer group responder to this doe that looked like her spine was broken quite high up. The traffic officers on the scene were buddies of mine.
    By the time i got out of the car Darren and steve were already asking me to butcher it. So i gave it the good news but instead of putting it out for council disposal. i took it home and hung it in the tree up the back garden. I gralloched it before moving it.
    the next day i skinned it. The whole of the rear quarters were black with bruising. it was unfit to eat. so roadkill is not for me... although i saw this fox dead on the side of the road last week, i think it is still there

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    Just seen the trailer for tonight. It is not the same guy I have seen before on another programme, he was a young man long hair, you know the type

    I shall watch this tonight could raise a few remarks

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