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    Hi guys, was recomended to this site from my brother. Im located in kent (chatham) and shoot an escort extreme 12g and a aya yeoman 12g. I do enjoy my weekends because there normally filled with a fair bit of rough shooting or even lamping!
    Many thanks

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    Welcome Fella!, A good mornings walked up is a great way of giving the stress of life the boot!, why not try a little of this stalking stuff then? Steve.
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    I would love to give stalking a go my brother who i shoot with owns a .243 but its hard to find the right grounds to shoot on and also permission. I will be applying for my FAC certificate near the end of this month and will be looking at getting a 22 rimfire for the rabbit shooting and possibly a .223 or something simular for the fox shooting

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    Welcome to the site, I was born and bred in Chatham, served my time in the dockyard

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