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Thread: RE: New Scope (Meostar R1 7x56)

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    RE: New Scope (Meostar R1 7x56)

    Hi guys,

    Has anybody have experience with Meopta Scopes?

    Im looking into a new scope, I have been thinking of something like the Meopta Meostar R1 7x56 or even the Armetis 7x50; I had considered going to a Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50 but after reading some fairly disappointing reviews I thought the Meopta was another option.


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    Have a browse of this list of Gregor's - Good glass holds its value. Regards JCS

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    I have a Meopta 6x42 that dates back to the early 1980s. It is good glass with clear image and strongly built. The fixed magnification Meoptas can be bought at very good prices and are good value for money.

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    Cheers for the heads up JC

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    I purchased a 20-month old Meopta ZD 3-12x50 (Illuminated Mil Dot, retail 690), for 425 and have been delighted with it. I have a Hawke Airmax on my Air Rifle which is fine at Airgun distances, but awful at 100m+. Having tried a mid-range/price MTC Mamba and not been at all impressed, I opted for a Lightstream (5-20x50 IR) on my HMR and a have another spare (4.5-14x44) which will go on either .22 or .223 in due course. In every way other than fussy eye relief, I have been delighted with the Lightstream's as mid-price/range scopes. The Meopta however is in a different league. Whilst I have not used Zeiss, Svaro of the like and so don't fully know what I'm missing, the quality, robust feel and crystal clear optics, leave me completely satisfied and not feeling at all, like I need to "upgrade" at a later date.

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    Have been using an Artemis 2100 3-12 x 50 IR on my CZ550 for 6yrs approx with no issues. I liked the idea of a czech scope and rifle match. Sight picture is brilliant and scope is very robust and can take a knock or three. Only thing to consider is that it is steel and not 'ally' and a bit heavier than others in its class. Hardly ever use the IR but I'm sure when I really need it in a dodgy light situation I'll appreciate it. Ret on mine is three thick posts at 3, 6 and nine with a central dot. I can only reccomend the Meopta as a great scope and good value for money.

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    Meopta are an old firm and well respected and make optics for the laboratory and scientific industries as well as sporting optics. I own an early one that was made for teh early Brno sporting rifles which is 3x mag and has a dedicated mount to fit said rifles. Sadly since we got it back from storage it seems that some one must have dropped it onto the objective end and it now has a chipped objective lens.

    I also have an earlier 7x50A Meopta and a couple of years back picked up a 7x50 Meopta. I do own other makes including Zeiss Jena, Khales Schmidt & Bender and Carl Zeiss scopes and the Meopta is as good at least to my eyes.

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    They make excellent scopes and they will be on a par with any of the top names. I have a 7x50 illuminated on my .243 and optics are excellent. my only issue is the central illuminated dot is too big for my likes. However as a general deer stalking scope you would be trying very hard to better it. They can be obtained S/H at very reasonable prices, and they are generally undervalued. If your on a tight budget and need top quality glass then meopta is the way foreward.


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    3-1256r1r on the 308 and love it.
    ffp central dot illuminaIted and on a par with any european glass for 2/3 or less the price new
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Have a 4-12x50 Meopta Meopro on my .243 which I bought new 18 months ago on special offer at 325.00. Very pleased with it.

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