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Thread: Remington stock screws

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    Remington stock screws

    I am looking for both stock screws for my Remington 700 heavy barrel. Do any of you guys know where I can get a couple?
    Thanks in advance

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    I think they are just 1/4 UNF so any will do if the head is narrow enough
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    call norman clark mty he should have some

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    My last ones came Direct from the USA arrived in three days

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    Quote Originally Posted by splash View Post
    My last ones came Direct from the USA arrived in three days
    Nice one Splash.
    Any chance of passing on their address or a link please

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    Think ukgunworks do them but they are in s/s and are quite expensive

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    If you get stuck , drop me a PM, I've got a set you can have for nothing. It costs about $ 4 CDN for postage , if I'm in Scotland you can buy me a whiskey.


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    We get them in an Engineering shop in town. An better Engineering shop in the UK should have them, just ask for 1/4"x28.
    If you are really stuck send me your postal addr. and I'll put two in an envelope. You must cut them to the right length.
    No Need for AB to send tham all the way from Canada.....

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    Will have a look for the seller if you need me to. But if it was me i'd take up ' alberta boy's ' great offer

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