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Thread: Just back from Alsace

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    Just back from Alsace

    I'm knackered so I'll keep it brief till I have more time.
    Thigh trembling, gut wrenching, adrenalin squirting, heart thumping, pulse raceing, awe, just doesn't do justice to what happens when you are stood on your first driven pig stand when you hear the dogs start to howl and bark and then the bushes get thrown apart.
    Yep, I got a piggie. A sow born in 2008 so not a biggie but not a stripey 'freishling'.
    And the feeling afterwards when you are being blooded and welcomed into the band of hunters is beyond words.
    If you are familiar enough with rifle safety to obey the rules in the heat of the moment and you get the invite or you have the funds to do it.... JUST DO IT! DO IT! I'm hooked.

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    Just come back myself from Croatia with Frank Ille of Basswood.
    I've been hooked for several years now and know what you have just experienced.
    I am off again 3rd December.
    I do three or four trips a season now, so now you are hooked may see you sometime.

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    Taking a pig at ranges measured in feet not yards is amazing. It really gets the juices flowing.

    Leaving tomorrow morning for Croatia.

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    pig sticking!

    If you want to experience the ultimate rush wen getting boar try pig sticking! Tried it in new zealand and boy does the ticker go into ova time!

    got few pics if ur interested! but how do i upload into this page?

    Cheers James

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    Use an old rough 8x57 Mauser and leave the bayonett fitted.
    Just joking.
    But it is exciting.
    The Germans have such a big problem with crop damage that invites are relativly easy to come by but practise a bit first on a running boar range use cheap full metal ammo if you use .308 or go to a shooting cinema range first to better understand your shooting limitations.
    The Linslerhof hunting school in Saarland do have such a range and you can rent the range by the hour. Link below


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