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Thread: sporting rifle dec 09

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    sporting rifle dec 09

    page 41 .

    a CWD gold medal head shot .
    pic of client with a styer bolt closed and safey off .

    am i getting to old or what .

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    Never had or never seen a N.D. IN A rifle, because i aways have the bolt open when stalking is finnished, if there are other people with rifles with me i insist there bolts are open too.

    went on a shotgun/rifle first aid course with Barry Holt from Peptworth a few years ago and he was telling me about an N.D. one of his client's had when the rifle went off in one of there high seats going through the side wall and on into another high seat which someone was in.

    The point i am trying to make is, AN OPEN BOLT IS A SAFE RIFLE

    I haven't looked at the mag yet.


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    Had one at a clay pigeon event 30 years or so ago. I was trying a Miroku which was going ok until I pulled on the second bird and nothing happened. That is untill I was removing the gun from my shoulder and it went off. Never fired it again and have never shot a Miroku since. In addition I did see the consequences of another AD when I got in a car to go shooting and noticed a large hole in the fascia. Someone had got in without making safe a shotgun and BANG. I am not anal about it, but an open bolt does seem as sensible as a broken shotgun.

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    Forgive my ignorance if this is a silly question, but why would you head shoot a Gold Medal CWD? Wouldn't you risk spoiling the trophy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quercus
    Forgive my ignorance if this is a silly question, but why would you head shoot a Gold Medal CWD? Wouldn't you risk spoiling the trophy?
    As he shot the beast it turned it's head to the blind side to clean it's self and the bullet exited and went through the head. Just unlucky I guess

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    Another reason why i refuse to buy the Toilet paper of a rag - i blame the editor! (can anyone remember who that is - its not mentioned much!!)

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    No you are not getting old. I totally agree with you.

    Open bolt always always and I think someone referred to an AD - there is no such thing as an AD but only an ND.

    Also I haven't bought that mag for ages. It is just too much of a comic these days.



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    Your probably right jon. Was negligence on my part.

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    I let me subscription lapse about 6months ago due to how bad the magazine has got and Carr's continual ********ting/self promotion.
    I now get reminders in the post every week or so - i did call subscription and explained that i would never buy another copy whilst he was editor and a major contributor.
    They didn't seem surprised.

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    Is it just me who couldn't see an entry or exit in the boiler room area, but only some obvious damage to the head?

    Maybe they are still smarting from all the correspondence they got over Mike Dickinson head shooting reds and decided to 'tweak' the story a little!?!?!


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