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Thread: Blaser LRS2 308 and 223

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    Blaser LRS2 308 and 223

    I bought this in 2010 from a dealer outside London. It came with a 308 barrel and a spare barrel in 223. I bought a new 308 barrel last year which has seen less than 30 rounds. I have not used the 223 barrel but I believe it has seen 2k rounds. It comes with a steel case, that is very robust. Looking for GBP 2500. I can get an export license in 24 hours. No photos yet but you can find photos easily enough on the web.

    I have too many other rifles to shoot, hence the sale. However happy to leave it in the safe if there is no interest!

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    Or swap for a NV unit of similar value?

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    Its this gone? I know the post its nearly 2 year old but worth trying.

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    If it has gone I know someone considering selling one in .308 with a nightforce on it!

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    No longer for sale!

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