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Thread: PC Issues

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    PC Issues

    Hope I'm not breaking any rules in posting this, as it is trade linked.

    My own PC has some how deleted all of my internet settings and with me not being too clued up on these things I have to wait for some computer wiz to call tomorrow evening to restore the settings (or whatever they call it). In the mean time, I can post on SD and check P.M'S via my wife's laptop (when she's not on that face book thing), but cannot access any e-mails at the moment.

    Anyone, who has tried to contact me( clients etc) via direct e-mail, please don't think I am ignoring you!! Send me a P.M via SD, or phone me!


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    You should be able to pick up your emails on the wife's laptop. Just go to the site that hosts your email (hotmail, Virgin, Talktalk, Sky or whoever it is) and you should see a place to log in and get them.

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    Thanks, I'll dig out my login details and try.

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    Thanks again, just checked them, got a long list to work through

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jelendeer View Post
    Ditch the PC and get a mac!
    What do I want a mac for when I've got a perfectly good Harkila jacket

    How is Florence? hope she is fattening up ready for Nov 1st
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    We had a similar issue with the PC in the front room. A lightening strike near by fried the Belkin Modum and it looks like it done something to the PC itself as it just won't connect. Tried everything that the Tech support could come up with. This one I am on is mine in the bedroom and runs on a wireless connection as no phone in here.

    ​As we live a bit outside town and they keep trying to make everything online we bought a refurbed Laptop on Saturday from a shop in town so "The Old Dragon" can get online once more. Needed Tech Supports help to get it set up for wireless though.

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    It's all them Adult only sites you've been surfing Ade!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bootneck45 View Post
    It's all them Adult only sites you've been surfing Ade!!!

    I thought you'd fallen overboard, where have you been hiding?

    Anyway, following a visit from Mr Computer Wiz, and being told I am a complete numpty, normal service (and lots of adult sites) has been restored.

    I feel sooooooooooooooo relieved

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