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Thread: Yukon Photon and .270w calibre rifle

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    Yukon Photon and .270w calibre rifle

    Hi all

    I have a sauer 202 in .270win calibre and use leupold qr rings which i have found to be excellent, i decided to mount a yukon photon on the rifle using the same qr rings to enable me easily swap from day scope to night vision. I bought a set of extra high rings but when the photon arrived i found the 30mm tube on the photon was not long enough to accept the rings as the ring posts were too far apart, i then ordered a set of qr extension rings which would bring them closer together, they arrived today and although the rings are close enough there is not enough clearance and the photon sits proud on the extension part of the ring, i thought i would post this information as it might stop another member from trying to go down the same route.

    Cheers Geoff

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