I have a swarovski Habicht L 8x56 Kurz.it may not be rare but i have not seen many kurz ones about,(correct details now added)

I am looking to step up to a vari mag scope for the .243.or sell it on and add some cash to the funds for the right scope.

The name KURZ means short in English, this means the scope is reduced in length and weight for light weight and compact use etc.

Specifications are as follows.


Model, L 8x56 kurz.(short)

Tube size, 30mm

Reticle, 4A

fast easy resettable to 0 reticle adjusters (low height too)

Fast eye focus with anti collision spring system (if it recoils and hits you in the eye it saves you getting a black eye.)

Box and Book. (box has a few marks but it is in the loft after all.)


The scope is in very good condition with the optics being as you expect with the Swarovski name.

The tube has no marks and no crimping.

The front Objective bell has a 1mm SQ white dot where the coating is missing .you can't see it on the picture its to small. and a slight rub mark on the right hand side of the bell you can see this on the picture showing the rifle pointing to the right just above the centre white line on the front bell crease, its more of a thin scratch than a rub mark from where i carry it when stalking, again nothing bad i just feel i need to inform the potential buyer of the scopes condition and details

I am asking for 500 cash posted ssnail mail.

I have a set of 30mm weaver type rings with it for an extra 15 cash, or a set of 30mm sports-match dovetail rings with it for an extra 10 cash.

Anyone interested please feel free to contact me via a reply on here followed up with a pm please.

Pictures will be posted later when i get back from the hospital.

Kind regards


PS: if no interest shown i will with draw from sale on Friday as its a cracking scope and i will miss it.

1, http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/5099/8x561.jpg

2, http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/9850/8x562.jpg

3, http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/8496/8x563.jpg