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Thread: Agile Bavarians?

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    Agile Bavarians?

    Was speaking to a friend yesterday who is very much into agility competitions with her Border Collies. She tells me that a female who stays in or around London is competing very successfully in agility with a BMH. Whether this be 100% true is questionable as my friend has no other information and although my BMH is fast I very much doubt he could compete with a border collie at agility. But if there is any truth in this info are we about to see "agility people" seeking BMH pups and longer term some breeding to further this aspect of the dog. Anybody with any confirmation or otherwise.

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    There is a BMH that has been competing in agility for about 5 years now and has made it all the way from 'Grade 1' to 'Grade 7' which is the highest level possible in the UK, thus competing against and winning against the elitist Border Collies, Kelpies and Malinois. Said dog is in the Midland area but does travel to compete in Championship classes.
    I myself have also had success with the BMH in agility in the past.... great fun and definitely can give a collie a run for its money. They are not easy dogs to train for the discipline and while most agility people admire the breed, most are not keen to own a hound breed, especially a working hound breed.

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