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Thread: Prvi Partisan

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    Prvi Partisan

    Hi only found an old post about quality / experience of PPU ammunition. Just ordered some to try in my .270. Anyone a regular user and what do you think?

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    I used 100 rounds to condition the barrel on my Howa when it was new, best grouping was 2" at 100mtrs. ​Then I reloaded all the brass.

    Edit: (5 shot groups) always seemed to get 1 flyer in every group
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    I used to use it in my .243 and found that the group that I was getting was perfectly acceptable. The plus side of Partizan ammunition is that even if you just use it for running in a new barrel after you have fired it once the brass is quite good quality for reloading!

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    I wanted to try some, but even though Kranks told me they had some in, and I drove 30 miles, the shelf had none on it,

    but the computor said they had some...........

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    Yep use them in both my Brno ZKK601 .243 and .308 and group very well indeed.

    My Savage 110 in 22-250 wasn't so accurate though so it may be right what they say about european rifles liking european ammo and vice versa with the states!!
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    Yeah I wanted it to zero with rather than burning more expensive rounds as I had a stock problem that I think is now fixed.

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    Use it in 243 and it groups well

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    If your rifle likes it. It is cheaper and Less work than reloading.

    Great stuff

    My rifle likes it.

    Happy days.

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    I think that any sp ammo that's half the price of premium ammo, goes bang and the deer falls over as you would expect is a smart buy. You can shoot more for the price paid and check on paper without the burn of shiny box prices

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    Ah. I was under the impression that all they produced were FMJ ammunition and was therefore not ideal for shooting live targets, but a quick glance at their website shows they do soft points too.

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