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Thread: Loading tomorrow, last minute tips ?

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    Loading tomorrow, last minute tips ?

    Got a day out loading tomorrow on a nearby estate, it's been a long time since I last went.
    Has any one got any last minute tips and advice please ?
    I am presuming it's double guns.



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    Take plenty of cartridges in with you! Be ready for the first birds. Take with the left, give with the right. Wear safety specs. Be professional. Plus a million other bits!

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    Yep mind your fingers some guns get a tad excited to close the gun when birds are coming.

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    Dont tell em how to shoot, unless they are askin & only congratulate the very best shot birds, it will all come back to you after a min or 2

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    You will be fine, its like riding a bike, hope you don't get a lefty

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogtrotter View Post
    You will be fine, its like riding a bike, hope you don't get a lefty
    That would be a night mare !

    At least the weather is looking ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nick100 View Post
    That would be a night mare !

    At least the weather is looking ok.
    how did you get on? You can come and practise loading in my pigeon hide if you would like lol!

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    It went well all things considered.
    When your gun says 'I have got a new pair of guns you may have to put me right', I was not really expecting them to be so new to him that they still had a tag tied on the trigger guard !!

    We were no 5 on the first drive, so straight in to the thick of it.
    Only to find out that one gun was VERY tight to open. Brilliant.
    Then to top it all off they did not eject too well. In fact, over half time neither gun ejected.
    A long day, but enjoyable all the same.

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    I used to load 2 or 3 days a week at partridges and pheasants throughout the season plus a few days at grouse. Had the pleasure of loading for some outstanding shots including Ian Marsden, the Commonwealth Games clay pigeon gold medal winner a few times. I knew Ian already but hadn't really watched him shoot before. What an eye opener that was!

    I also used to load for a married French couple that came over each season, he shot with a pair of 12 bores and she shot with a pair of 16's. They always shot alternate drives and occasionally the drives were return drives at the partridges. 4 guns and two lots of different shells made for an interesting and tiring day!

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