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Thread: What do you use to boil heads in?

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    What do you use to boil heads in?

    I've got a couple of large pots but nothing big enough to fit in and cover a red deer's head to boil it.
    Any (sensible) suggestions please?

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    You could try a large (size 1/1) stainless Bain Marie pot (this kind of thing GASTRONORM CONTAINER 1/1 FULL SIZE STAINLESS STEEL SUITABLE FOR BAIN MARIE PAN | eBay)

    Usually quite a bit cheaper than a proper cooking pot!
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    try searching for a burco boiler on ebay, i got one for 50 a couple of years ago, great thing does the job well.

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    A big soup stock pot.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimnydriver View Post
    A big soup stock pot.......
    Thats what I use (shhh don't tell the wife that's where it is)

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    I just use my Mashed potato saucepan............yes really


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    I use an old metal paint drum of 20 L`s usually and do it on an open fire outside whilst sucking the insides out of a stubby of ale.
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    For Reds I use a galvanised bin with a water heater.

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    I did one last night in my Burco Boiler fitted spot on.Wf1

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    Burco boilers aren't always great depending on the angle and spread of the coronets and antlers as they don't always allow the whole skull to be submerged, I bought a galvanised oblong garden bucket which is more than big enough for a full red, you do the need something with fair output to heat that amount of water though.
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