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Thread: Not much about very little.

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    Not much about very little.

    I was out last night practicing off hand with my Tikka 7-08 and my 150 grain handloads with Sierra Game Kings. I was down to my last 2 rounds and decided to 'ring' the metal upright that the plywood backer is mounted to. This steel upright is made of railroad track buried into the ground with the flat( bottom) facing the firing line. I picked a spot above the edge of the plywood backer and squeezed off a shot. I heard the 'clang" of a hit but couldn't see any splash from the lead. I fired again and got the same results. When I walked down to retrieve my targets I looked to see where I'd hit. I still couldn't see the splash marks until i started to move away from the rail and I noticed that two of the holes in the rail -which are usually the product of FMJ so I didn't initially pay attention to them- had bright silvery metal painted around their interior. This was left of center but the bullets still blew through a half-inch and better of steel leaving a hole I could stick my pinky finger through.

    And I'm going to be using these on deer tomorrow. I'll let you know how they worked.~Muir

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    So hiding behind the door of the Ford truck's not the answer then.

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    Jesus Muir, have the deer finally wised up and bought some body armour?

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    Amax are awesome!

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    not long ago I put a few rounds of privi (165g Hollow points) 30-06 into a telephone post (probably 18" min diameter) as backer for a target (note, there was a solid rising ground behind as well!). These are sold as deer rounds.

    interestingly when I went up to check the target, I noticed the bullets had gone right through and exited without even much had I let a good 20 rounds off rather than just 2,,,that tel. pole would have toppled over!!

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    I have noticed that wood is poor medium to initiate expansion of soft points, they tend to just pencil through, first time that I really noticed this was when using a Blow down Silver Birch that came done across the small ravine/gully on my small bit of ground. Stapled the targets onto the trunk as the opposite side of the gully provided a solid back stop. All bullets punched nice clean holes through showing no or very little expansion. I was testing several different loads in three rifles each of a different calibre and chambering an were .308 Win, 6.5x55 and 7x57mm. Bullets were by Speer, Nosler and Sierra of 139 Grn, 165 grn and 120 grn.

    Have also noticed that soft points from the likes of the 270 Win punch nice clean hold through the plates on the Falling Plate set up on the Ash Complex whilst FMJ's from the 303 and 7.62 just seem to knock them down leaving marks and small craters only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simjim33 View Post
    Amax are awesome!
    apparently sim

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    BH - have noticed the same phenomenononmommoum (sorry) thing over many years.

    I have often wondered if it is a "shaped charge" outcome.
    "Nonsense! They couldn't hit an elephant at this dista.....................".

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    Quote Originally Posted by charadam View Post
    BH - have noticed the same phenomenononmommoum (sorry) thing over many years.

    I have often wondered if it is a "shaped charge" outcome.
    Eevin with mie manny yeers of studdiieng the Englich languedge, I am unabel to pronunciate that wurd.

    I agree with the shaped charge aspect. Nothing like a bit sectional density with a good kick in the hind end. I was just startled that the Game Kings punched a bigger hole than Lake City 7.62x51.~Muir

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    Not sure if this is actually the case but it would seem that the exposed lead at the tip seems to help blow the steel plate. How I have no idea but it does seem to happen. Ackley noted in his handbook that the 220 swift punched clean through the armour plate that was used on the American half track visors whilst military .30 cal Springfield armour piecing just left craters.

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