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Thread: styer deals !

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    styer deals !

    hi all ,

    anyone know what scope sportsman gun centre are chucking in with there styer deal ?
    a mate is tempted ive converted him to 6.5x55

    from what he said its a pro hunter , mod , scope and rings for just over a grand !

    cheers lee

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    Hey, i was looking at this myself...if i remember correctly its a Nikko Stirling something.....but not 100% sure. i looked up the RRP price, it was in the 200 odd mark i was about 2 months ago i called.

    Its not that great a scope but would probably do to start off with. I wasn't tempted in the end as i already have a Leupold that i bought off ebay. Just need to find a decent long stick thing that goes underneath it now


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    Tell him to go for the Swaro Z6i.........
    Excellent piece of kit.

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    Be on your guard as to Sportmans 'deals' quite a few people l know have been stung by them and in particular their aftersales service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo
    Be on your guard as to Sportmans 'deals' quite a few people l know have been stung by them and in particular their aftersales service.
    What after sales service
    I took my S&B Flashdot in last week because the reticule had broken and was told they'd get it done but would take six to eight weeks.
    I needed it for a driven Boar trip within two weeks so asked if they could loan me one during the meantime or even consider part ex but no help was offered.
    I rang S&B direct and got it to them and back repaired within six days of which there was a Saturday and Sunday in between.
    They could have done that if they had such a thing as 'After Sales'
    The 'scope was two years old and cost 1200 so I would have expected a bit of interest shown.

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    I'm with Tommo and EMcC on this - be very careful. You might save a few quid on the deal but try getting things sorted out if anything goes wrong and it's another story, at least that's been my experience.

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    I wouldn't deal with them after ringing them to enquire about a half stock, listened to all the spiel about how everything else was crap in comparison,i knew they'd been advertising them around the 1300 quid mark only to then be quoted 1400 by the numpty on the other end,whoops no sale!,their loss not mine,can't be doing with people like that.

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    cheers lads

    ill tell my mate i know !

    atb lee

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