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Thread: Sako 85 .243

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    Sako 85 .243

    Attachment 34081Hello all
    I am looking at selling my cherished Sako 85 varmint laminate stainless the rifle has fired no more than 450-500 rounds the barrel was properly broken in , the rifle is in overall A1 condition.

    The rifle is silly accurate and I have achieved sub 1"groups @ 300m with 85gr hpbt , I have load data for 100gr gamekings that shot 3/4" groups and other bullet weights. The rifle loves the 75-90gr weights the best.

    this was my do all deer, fox, rabbit, varminting and little bit of gong bashing gun.
    Attachment 34082Attachment 34083Attachment 34084
    The rifle as a complete package will inc T8 mod (less than 100 rounds shot through this mod ) bipod scope covers sling and a bushnell elite 5-15x 50 scope and about 200 used brass.

    I am looking at 1450 for the complete package or 1250 for the rifle and mod .

    To give you an Idea of how accurate it is .

    magpie taken at 644m 1st shot from cold barrel
    numerous rabbits taken between 350-600m
    8/10 hits on a steel gong at 735m

    the rifle has a 20"fluted barrel and I have chronographed loads and they are deer legal I have load data for 100gr , 85gr Barnes Tsx , 85gr hpbt , 87gr vmax and 90gr spbt . If you need more infomation of pics just ask.

    to date the rifle has taken 22 Fallow & 2 Roe

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    A beautiful piece of kit and caliber perfect for me but I'm looking for 75/85 synthetic or walnut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gasiorxxl View Post
    A beautiful piece of kit and caliber perfect for me but I'm looking for 75/85 synthetic or walnut.
    I have no knowledge of this particular rifle or seller but I do know that this model is the best factory rifle I have ever used.

    My last estate rifle was one of these. It fired around 3000 rnds in five years and was as accurate the day I handed it back as the day I took it out of the box. Half MOA groups all day long with factory 75grn Rem Accutips. It never let me down despite being used and abused on a daily basis.

    The laminated stock is the perfect compremise between walnut and synthetic and, if this example has it, the set trigger is lovely, you don't have to use it but it's there if you want to.

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    PM replied to and Glyn thank you for the extra infomation , im sort of reticent about selling as worried about letting go such a accurate good looking rifle go that I have achieved shots I would not believe possible.

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    How heavy is the combination ?

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    Does this have the set trigger?

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    Yes it has a set trigger and I will weight it tomorrow , just come in from a little foxing with the rifle.

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    Seen this rifle in use and can confirm how accurate the rifle is and that it is in very good condition, Griff looks after his kit. Whoever buys it won't be disappointed.


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    Gents all PM, s replied to , any further questions please ask

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    Attachment 34406

    gents just bagged this vixen earlier tonight with the rifle.

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