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Thread: Bushwear - Excellent customer service!!!

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    Bushwear - Excellent customer service!!!

    Recently had a couple of issues with two bits of kit sold to me by Bushwear in the last 12 months or so. I was passing their Stirling branch the other weekend and dropped in.

    Explained my issues and showed them the two items, "no problem, let us take care of them".

    Sure enough about 10 working days later they appeared on my doormat. I was kept informed of progress all along the way (as products had to go back to suppliers in Germany) and how long it would roughly take.

    They have been excellent, polite, no issues and genuinly seemed to care about customer service. Well impressed with them. Well done Bushwear!

    Just thought i would share.



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    yep I and a friend have both had issues where requested ammo or euipment was 'put on order' by other suppliers but never materialised despite chasing.
    This wasnt the case at Bushwear where orders for some oddball calibre items were followed up and delivered.
    I'd rather spend a few quid extra for decent service and after market care than waste money and time phoning and visiting gunshops that will only sell what they have and never get what you order

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    Always had first class service from them, they definitely understand what customer service is
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    Never had a Problem with them.Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishnstalker View Post
    Never had a Problem with them.Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

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    I am all so a bushwear customer and have had nothing but good service from them

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    i have to agree , i have found they will price match as well , cant fault there sevice.

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    I bought a set of the trigger sticks they were selling off for 40. They broke 2nd outing! Took them back to the store as heading North stalking. Came out with a brand new set of the new version for no more money. Super-impressed.

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    There is a law called the Sale of Goods Act and they will be familiar with it. I bought a little box of vermin calls and the stop for inserting the Sim card snapped and they said to not insert it all the way. Over 300 and it useless.

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    Another happy Bushwear customer here. As said a bit more expensive than some but that's made up for with their customer service which is second to none

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