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Thread: An interesting thread on reloading for others

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    my god the American's are a touchy bunch.

    "even loaning equipment incurs liability"
    "if you teach and are not qualified you are liable for any accident or injury caused as a result..." (something some on here should maybe heed no matter how loose it may be!)
    "if you load for someone else and they cause injury to a 3rd party using that ammo you are liable...."

    Surely if you show someone how to load and they go out and shoot someone with ammo they made on your equipment then you can't actually be held responsible.....can you!?

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    but were not in America

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    Well shysters .................................. sorry lawyers have to milk the system .............................. sorry earn a crust too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by see it shoot it View Post
    but were not in America


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    but we are going that way with elf and safety

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonny.c View Post
    And you think their compensation culture is not here in the UK?

    Thanks to the likes of Cherie and her shyster partner it's actually well established here in the UK.

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