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Thread: Alternative to Peroxide

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    Alternative to Peroxide

    I have a sudden opportunity to prepare a Fallow head tomorrow (she's out for the day).

    I have no peroxide, could I use a dilute bleach (domestos) and achieve the same effect?

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    You may find bleach will break down the skull, making the surface more porous, the skull more brittle, and the plates may well come apart. Also will not get it anywhere near as white as peroxide will. Depends if the skull is important to you, it will do the job but not be as good and may mean you have to glue pieces back together.

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    I wouldn't if I were you, pop out to the chemist and buy some more, bleach disintegrates bone over time, although it might not appear to in the short term, it can do later on....

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    I've used ACE bleach for years, it's cheap and does a great job although I don't leave the heads for to long in the soaked cotton wool. Same as this

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    Thanks fellas

    I'll see if I can get hold of some more tomorrow I think

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    Ace bleech is dilute peroxide.........

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    Managed to pick up a litre bottle at a hardware shop - 14.99 for a litre bottle 35% strength.

    I left it on for 40 minutes using soaked tissue paper and then rinsed off. Beautiful result

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